Seeking CAN Community Council Nominations for 2021

            The Community Council of the Community Advancement Network is seeking nominations for new members for 2021.  We are asking people active in improving our community to suggest candidates, or to nominate themselves.

            What we need are people who have demonstrated leadership and who are currently involved with groups working for community advancement.  Prior experience with CAN is not important — we will actively recruit the best-fit nominees so they can make an informed choice about whether Community Council membership works for them.  People who have direct experience with using or providing local social services are of particular interest.

            Since we want to cover our area’s main interests, viewpoints, geographic areas, backgrounds, and demographic groups (all on a Community Council with no more than 30 members), each year’s new-member selections are like solving a jigsaw puzzle.  People who do not fit this year’s needs will be kept in mind for future years.  We intend to make our selection decisions for 2021 by the end of November.

Three ways to encourage nominations:

    [i] Use this short form to encourage nominations from others.

   [ii] Send the nominee’s name and contact information to, with a short statement of your reason for recommending them.

  [iii] Nominate yourself with a message to, stating your background and reasons for applying.


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