Community Advancement Network (CAN)
Community progress via collaboration

CAN is a joint effort by local governmental, educational, business, and community organizations.  It has been working since 1992 to promote collaboration among its members in addressing a wide range of community needs.

The annual CAN Dashboard provides multi-year measures of community progress in 17 categories, calling special attention to disparities between the experiences of different parts of the community.  The CAN staff also coordinates a variety of collaborative projects and community meetings each year, such as “deliberative dialogues” designed to examine and reconcile contrasting points of view on disputed issues.

The 26 CAN member organizations send high-level representatives to the monthly CAN Board meetings, where they exchange information about initiatives and collaborations.  The Board also includes the leaders of the CAN Community Council, whose members (a diverse mix of citizens drawn from the community) advise the Board, inform people about CAN activities, and initiate projects of their own to advance CAN goals.

This is only a brief summary of what CAN is about.
See its website at for much more.